The Appeal of RLO

Patients shouldn’t have to choose between the sincere vibe of a local, family-owned office and state-of-the-art orthodontic care.

We’re happy to be a small, home-grown orthodontics office, however, Dr. T is also passionate about continuing his education and incorporating the latest breakthroughs in technology regarding orthodontics in his practice.

We’re dedicated to maintaining a laid-back office that provides quality, hi-tech care and exceptional customer service. We’re working to assure our brand reflects high standards, family values and integrity. We shun dishonest sales tactics and misleading advice.

Busy offices are great because they are helping a lot of people, but sometimes being too pre-occupied and showy can get in the way of a personal connection between orthodontist and patient.

Dr. T has built RLO from scratch with the intention of keeping things at a pace which allows us to keep things relaxed and efficient so we can give our patients the attention they deserve. We take a vested interest in each patient. We strive to gain an understanding of each individual’s case and personal situation. This connection helps us to better accommodate a clients’s individual needs and makes them feel more at ease as they work with us to meet their goals for their smile.

We want RLO to be the easy and smart choice for people looking to get braces or Invisalign in Chattanooga. 

Not sure about getting treatment? Come in for a free consultation, get a cup of coffee and have an easy conversation about your options without any pressure or obligations.