Love Your Smile

A patient seeking ortho treatment is obviously not happy with their teeth in one way or another. It could be their bite doesn’t come together properly causing trouble eating or enamel wear. Perhaps they have crowding which is causing difficulty with hygiene. Often, reasons for treatment are solely cosmetic. One of our favorite parts of orthodontics is helping people gain confidence in their smiles. Whether it’s a child who is embarrassed of their smiles around friends or an adult who’s going for a more refined look, we always get excited to bring carefree smiles to the faces of all our patients.

Although initially motivated by non-clinical reasons, cosmetic perfections to tooth alignment usually positively impact overall dental health. 

Love Your Smile

Crowded Teeth

Crowding results from teeth that grow in at awkward angles due to limited jaw space. Crowding can make hygiene regimens difficult to follow. Bacteria can get trapped between tight spots leading to unsightly cavities and inflammatory gum disease.

Straight and healthy teeth seem to be a highly desired aspect of one’s general appearance. 

Fixing crowding can thereby help improve overall satisfaction by improving dental health and esthetic.

Overbites & Underbites 

Overbite, or overjet, and underbites are maldevelopments of the jaw. While underbites are mostly inherited, overjet can also be caused by dental habits such as thumb sucking or object chewing. This flawed jaw formation can disrupt facial proportions, cause chewing issues, and increase the risk for dental trauma, sleep apnea, and TMJ dysfunction. Treatment including possible extractions and braces or aligners with elastic wear can solve these problems all while balancing facial features into a more pleasing arrangement.

Spacing and Gaps

Spaces and gaps between teeth are usually a result of a discrepancy between tooth and jaw size. Habits like thumb sucking tongue thrust can also be a culprit. Because food particles get caught more easily, spacing can increase the likelihood of tooth decay and bad breath. Some gaps, especially between the two front teeth are hereditary and are sometimes considered a cherished beauty mark passed down for generations. In this case, orthodontic treatment can be pursued while preserving this charming trait. However, many times people get braces to fix spacing or gaps because they simply don’t like the way it looks. Whether clinical or cosmetic, either reason is valid for seeking orthodontic treatment.

Love Your Smile

If you ask: “What’s the first thing you notice about a person?” a common response is “Their mouth and smile.” Teeth are a very important part of our look. The insecurity that people feel about a less-than-perfect smile is unfortunate. However, as an orthodontic office, we must admit that beautiful teeth and a warm, appealing smile are our favorite thing! We think it’s a wonderful, exciting goal and our pleasure to help our patients achieve.