About DR. T

Orthodontist, Dr. Tyler Twomley

Dr. Tyler Twomley DDS, MSD - Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist

 Born in Atlanta, Dr. T's  road to orthodontics started when he first got braces himself as a child.

Dr. T has personally experienced having an expander appliance, 2 rounds of traditional braces and clear aligners. 

The confidence he gained from his orthodontic experience is something he is happy to help others achieve.

Dr. T studied at Southern Adventist University for a time before transferring to LSU where he graduated from dental school and attended orthodontic residency.

After graduation, Dr. T moved to Asheville, NC where he gained a ton of valuable experience working for a leading orthodontic practice and top tier Invisalign provider.

Finally, he returned to Chattanooga to settle down with his wife, Amanda, and two boys, Asher and Abram.


Dr. T had a vision of a practice boasting hi-tech, modern capabilities with a home-grown, personal touch. 

He realized this vision by starting Red Leaf Orthodontics, where he and Amanda devote themselves to maintaining a professional, approachable office where patients of all ages from all areas of Chattanooga can comfortably achieve their goals for their smiles.

Why Red Leaf orthodontics?


RLO is an easy-going, family-owned, local orthodontics office that Dr. Twomley and his wife, Amanda built from scratch. They take a personal interest in each patient that reaches out for help with their smile.

We are a professional, yet personable office where patients can feel comfortable seeking top-notch care utilizing braces or Invisalign.


We value your input as we develop you're personalized orthodontic care-plan. Our patient-centric approach recognizes patients themselves as the key to efficient orthodontic care. We work to create a partnership with you and your family in order to align your priorities with Dr. T's expertise and provide the highest quality of orthodontic care.  


 We believe people should be able to make decisions about their care without gimmicks or high pressure sales tactics. 

Whether you're considering braces, have concerns for your child's smile, or just need advice on how to approach your goals. Come by and meet us for a complementary, no-obligation consultation at our Chattanooga area office. We'd be happy to help you!