Smiling Confidently

Our motto is “you, smiling confidently.”  

Here at RLO, we notice, particularly, the tragedy of a stifled smile. 

Think of someone enjoying themselves with friends and family, yet their contentment in is tainted by the insecurity brought on by a less than perfect smile. It’s always in the back of their mind, unable to fully relax an let-loose for fear of letting an uncontained laugh or smile reveal what he or she feels are  unsightly teeth. What an awful shame…

From time to time, we hear from concerned parents of children who’s self-image is sub-par due to their crooked smiles. Spaces, crowding, gaps, under-bites, over-bites…so many issues causing children to feel bashful and embarrassed. NO! NO! NO! We can’t have this. These are the situations we are here for! 

I get so excited starting the process of braces…sometimes I feel like I’m more anxious than the patient to get to reveal day!

It is our mission at Red Leaf Orthodontics to help free the smiles of Chattanooga! 

People feeling insecure about their teeth? Covering their mouth when they smile? Avoiding pictures? Avoiding smiling altogether?

We want to help people gain the confidence to smile without a moment’s hesitation! To smile big and beautifully.

Be it traditional braces, Invisalign, dental appliances…whatever it takes!

A smile should boost one’s self-esteem not stifle it. This is our mission here at RLO and we are so excited to tackle it!