About DR. T

Orthodontist, Dr. Tyler Twomley

Dr. Tyler Twomley DDS, MSD ABO Certified Orthodontics Specialist

 Born in Atlanta, Dr. T's  road to orthodontics started when he first got braces himself.

His interest piqued, he strove to maintained the high grades required to go through dentistry and residency.

After high-school, he and his future wife, Amanda, moved to Chattanooga to attend undergraduate courses at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, TN.

During this time he fell in love with Chattanooga and set his mind to settling down his family here when he finished his education.


Transferring to Louisiana to marry Amanda, he finished undergrad and got accepted into LSU dental school where he achieved high honors and status.

One dental licence and two sons, Asher and Abram, later, LSU showed its pride of Dr. T by accepting him  into its orthodontic residency.

While in residency, his love for the field was confirmed and he even orthodontic research qualified for publication.

After getting his certification in Orthodontic care, Dr. T continued education and testing in order to earn board certification through the American Board of Orthodontics.


After graduation, the Twomley family moved to Asheville, NC where Dr. T gained a ton of valuable experience working for a leading orthodontic practice and top tier Invisalign provider.

While there, he honed his skills and gained a lot of first-hand knowledge in patient care and practical experience with technical skill.

Finally, the time came to head back to Chattanooga!

Dr. T had a vision of a practice boasting hi-tech, modern capabilities with a home-grown, personal touch. 

He realized this vision by starting his own practice - Red Leaf Orthodontics, in East Brainerd, TN. 

Dr. T and his wife Amanda have place all their devotion towards Red Leaf Ortho and their patients. 

The result is a professional, approachable office where patients of all ages from all areas of Chattanooga can comfortably achieve their goals for their smiles.

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